A brief history

Croham Hurst Freemasons lodge No 3968 was consecrated on Thursday 5th June 1919 at the splendid Mark Masons Hall in St James’s Street in Central London.

It was not uncommon for lodges to hold regular meetings in local places such as hotels and public houses and even schools. To this day that is still the case for some although most meet at dedicated Masonic centres.

Croham Hurst Lodge stands apart and enjoys a different meeting place – Croham Hurst Golf Club where we have been meeting since Thursday 23rd October 1919.

In the early days this was considered unique and I suppose still remains the case.

Another lodge which was meeting at the RAC club in Epsom have now joined our ranks. (Again, an unusual meeting place).

The lodge has always enjoyed, and benefited, from local membership around the Croydon area and no less than sixteen captains of Croham Hurst Golf Club have graced our meetings and have become Worshipful Master of the lodge.

We have also been honoured with visitors to the lodge from the then Prince Edward, the late king in 1931 and the Earl of Shannon in 1959.